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  • What would be a good wood to use for picture frames. I\'ve been using basswood but does not take stain well and must be painted. Being fairly new to carving and self taught, what would be the easiest to carve and take stain.

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    If you like basswood for carving (that's all I use) the only way not to get a blotchy mess when you stain it is to SEAL it with polyurethane BEFORE staining. You should spray on the poly, sand in between coats and keep spraying until it absorbs evenly. That's the only way to insure even absorption of the stain. Any more questions, refer to Marty has dozens of FREE videos on carving and staining basswood and beautiful free patterns as well. Good luck!


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      I use butternut I have lots of it, for stain I use linseed oil with l I use to use like a danish oil